"GitBOM is an application of the git DAG, a widely used merkle tree with a flat-file storage format, to the challenge of creating build artifact trees in today’s language-heterogeneous open source environments. Contrary to the name’s appearance, GitBOM is neither dependent on git nor is it a Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM).

By generating artifact trees at build time, embedding the hash of the tree in produced artifacts, and referencing that hash in each subsequent build step, GitBOM will enable the creation of verifiable and complete artifact trees while requiring no effort from, or changes in, most open source projects. Furthermore, it will enable efficient correlation of vulnerability databases against a concise representation of the artifact tree within run-time environments, if vulnerability databases can be correlated to source files or intermediary packages or libraries. These benefits would also accrue to closed-source projects that use the same build tools, and provide insights which span both open and closed source components in a consistent manner."



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