How to Access Private Fields in Go Structs

When changing my Go labs to a TDD approach, I came into an obstacle when it came to the sync.WaitGroup example. Part of my approach has been to write tests against the standard library APIs themselves, so I wanted to test each method. The Add method seemed the easiest, as it is essentially just checking the counter after adding to it. The problem is the WaitGroup count field is private (unexported) and does not expose any way of accessing it.

The field we are after is state1, which looks like the following.

// 64-bit value: high 32 bits are counter, low 32 bits are waiter
// count.
// 64-bit atomic operations require 64-bit alignment, but 32-bit
// compilers do not ensure it. So we allocate 12 bytes and then use
// the aligned 8 bytes in them as state, and the other 4 as storage
// for the sema.
state1 [3]uint32

After a quick search I came across the suggestion of using package reflect. The logic to grab state1 looks like the following.

package main

import (

func main() {
    wg := &sync.WaitGroup{}

    wgv := reflect.ValueOf(wg).Elem()
    state1 := wgv.FieldByName("state1")
    count := state1.Index(1).Uint()



* Go Labs
* `sync.WaitGroup` (go 1.17)
* Package `reflect`


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