Why Backups and Integrity Checks are Important

My personal experience of data loss was a final assessment for one of my classes during my time studying. This was during my early days of using Linux and LibreOffice.

Can’t remember what exactly happened, but the document became corrupt and unaccessible. With no backup, I had to restart the assessment from scratch.

This event is what lead me to discover the rsync tool, since I didn’t want to rely on a proprietary piece of software for making backups.

While browsing reddit, I glanced a post that was titled “Linus Tech Tips lost a lot of data… Again” from /r/sysadmin. While I don’t normally watch Linus Tech tips, I am always interested to learn from someone elses mistake. Watching the video made me remember my experience and showcases why it is so important to have data backups and integrity checks in place.

I encourage you to take a moment and think if any of your devices (your phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, or whatever) died in the next 10 minutes, what data would you lose forever.

There are plenty of good tools out there like rclone if you don’t want to use plain old rsync.



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