Rust-lang Issue of the Day #0

Rust user #1 - "Quite some time back, we changed 'compile_and_link' to
'oxidize' (#12126). I’ve given up counting the number of people that have
been confused by it and wasted time trying to find out what it means. It
was a bit of fun that is, unfortunately, actively making things harder
for people. Can we please change it back to 'compile_and_link'?"

Rust user #2 - "I like oxidize, don't want it to be changed. For
developers who compile rust itself, it's easy to understand what oxidize
means. Even if he cannot understand, it doesn't matter."

Definiton of oxidize (according to merriam webster)

1 : to combine with oxygen
2 : to dehydrogenate especially by the action of oxygen
3 : to change (a compound) by increasing the proportion of the
electronegative part or change (an element or ion) from a lower to a
higher positive valence
Non-Rust user - "I'm confused."



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