Defining Success in IT

You may or may not have heard of a tool called ngrok. If you have not, a quick overview is it allows you to expose your localhost to the internet behind NATs and firewalls. Understanding why this is useful is beyond the scope of this zet.

My first exposure to ngrok was back in 2018, but I never did anything more than a “hello, world!” example. While learning about creating GitHub webhooks, I came across the suggestion of the use of ngrok! This made something click for me in terms of what defines success in a software context.

Why is Windows the most commonly used operating system? The answer is because they got others to use/talk about it. The key thing is not just that others use something, but that they also talk about the something.

What made this really click for me was when I went to look for an ngrok developer blog, and the the top 8 search results from duckduckgo were all blogs (some from large enterprises like Atlassian, AWS, and Microsoft) of developers using ngrok. I have included those blogs in the related section below.

Success in an IT context is mass adoption and discussion.



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