How to play Quake (1996)

Quake along side DOOM, is one of the most iconic games there are (in my opinion). In my last zet I documented how to play DOOM (1993), and in this zet I am going to document how to play Quake (1996).

Unlike DOOM, there is not currently a finished free version of the game data, so you will need to purchase the game from GOG or steam and copy the game files (id1 directory).

I would like to note that there is a project (in development) similar to Freedoom, called LibreQuake. The project aims to create a free, community built version of Quake. You can find a reference link below.

Like DOOM, there are numerous source ports available. It is important to note that unlike DOOM source ports, which commonly support DOOM 1 and 2, not many source ports support more than one Quake game. I suggest using the DarkPlaces source port.

Download the source code at

Move the game files (id1 directory) you copied from GOG or steam into the darkplaces directory and change into the directory.

If you have access to a terminal, then compile the C code by running make.

./darkplaces-sdl to run the game.


Bethesda acquired Id Software, and have made a remake called “Quake: The Offering”. I do not know if this game is different, but it looks like you can’t purchase the non-remake version. Need to confirm this.



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