TIL OpenGL came before DirectX

A recent zet by rwxrob claiming “Microsoft pioneered modern 3D desktop applications (DirectX)” made me wonder if that was actually true.

Turns out, OpenGL came out 2 years before DirectX.

I found a post stating “It was quite a battle between the david and the goliath. Microsoft used their finance to win the developer, while SGI used their reputation and technical experience. The”David" gained support from a legendary 3D game creator: John Carmack, the developer of Doom and Quake engine. Even then, he stated that Direct3D was not developer friendly and encourage others to start using OpenGL."

While I agree that the majority of the market is still using DirectX, I strongly believe Linux is still capable of contending if developers took the time to make games cross platform. As proof you can still the original Doom and Quake (on any platform) right now using chocolate-doom for Doom or darkplaces for Quake. I’ve put links to the projects below and will write zets about how to use them.



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