Autodidact Guides

“What resources should I use to learn ‘insert thing to learn here’?” is a question any individual starting out will run into. Unfornately, this is a difficult question to answer, as it runs into many issues. One issue is finding resources that are up-to-date. An example of this, is how // comments were added in the C99 standard, so any resources references stating you can only use /* */ comments are now out-of-date. Another issue is accessibility. Not everyone is capable of paying $60(USD) for a book like “Head First C”, and when you purchase a book (typically) it only comes in one format.

To resolves issues like the ones above, I am starting a new series of books called “Audidact Guides”. These books will be written entirely in markdown (commonmark specification), and will be kept in a structure that allows it to be transformed into various formats (like physical) easily. All content will be under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, and all associated code (if code is included) will be under Apache-2.0. There will be no charge, except for in a case like ordering a physical copy, in which only the amount to cover the cost would be required.

The idea is that individuals from all ranges of experience use/contribute to these books so that there is a consistent source of information. This also means that the most up-to-date, consistent, and best information is not monopolized and remains accessible to everyone.

Since I am in-experienced in a lot of things, and this is a community effort, I need to find some experienced people.

Book List (so far):