Hello zet!

Humans are amazing at a lot of things, but remembering things is not usually one of them. Instead we find ways to preserve knowledge in various ways like clay tables, paper, and now digitally. With the internet, the amount of information available has grown, and continues to grow exponentially. There are many issues that we face now, like what is the best way to structure knowledge so its shareable? Or what is useful information and what is not? One of the biggest challenges is how to index knowledge. Fortunately there is an awesome person who goes by rwxrob, who has developed a shell command called cmd-zet, which is a digital implementation of something called a zettlekasten. If you have not heard of a zettlekasten, its a system used for personal knowledge management by the use of note cards typically and metadata. One person who used a zettlekasten extensively was a gentleman by the name of Niklas Luhmann (1927-1998). Thanks to Rob, there is now a digital version of a zettlekasten. This is the first entry into my personal zettlekasten.



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